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THOUGHT POLLUTION - the worst root cause?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Everyone thinks negatively when they have very difficult problems but there is an important question that why you see this problem is difficult to face? Negative thoughts are caused by falsified patterns related to our own beliefs - about self-esteem, security, money, people, life and everything else. Don't feed your mind with negative thoughts because if you do, you will come to believe them eventually.

The extent of negative feelings can go from anger, frustration, irritability... to even anxiety and depression, passing through a million other feelings, none of them pleasant. Moreover, the physical consequences can be more sever and drastic. The body lowers its defences, as negativity subtracts from our energy. To add to the miseries of thought pollution, when we're in a negative state we do not attract those elements that would make our lives advance; rather we attract the circumstances that support us in thinking something is wrong, and we are left perplexed. With the widespread global pandemic of the novel coronavirus and we all locked up in our houses for over half a year, it is quite natural to lose hope, to lose faith, be frustrated and such a devastated scene is surely a home to flourishing negative thought base. It is these times that take the true test of an individual's ability to remain calm, composed and self-contained. Many emerge victorious but a greater amount of majority struggle to find a better way to cope with it. With the onset of 2020 and the running forward time, the news has shown us the less fancy picture with great well to do celebrities losing their lives to depression and anxiety, if not by any other means. The well-known case of our beloved actor from M.S.Dhoni and numerous other chart-toppers, Sushant Singh Rajput has led to the rise of one particular question. Why would a well-to-do artist who had pretty much to live for preferred to cease his existence owing to polluted thoughts? Another example of a 16-year old tik tok star Siya Kakkar who had earned herself a strong follower base, succumbed to personal pressure and shortened her glorious future. Surely, the lockdown hasn't been kind enough but what use?

It's a complete waste of time if not unfruitful! Just look at all the effects that negative thinking can have on our easy going lives; can you tell me one single benefit of thinking negatively? Any other than the realization that it's too much better to think positively, as you just witnessed that negative thinking doesn't contribute to our lives; rather it detracts. So what can you do as an individual; for yourself and the society? Try to stay happy abundantly. Do something kind for someone. Take a little walk - fresh air and exercise will surely help banish negativity. When you can get your heart rate up, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel better. So, get moving! Clean up your environment, it helps! Meditate for a while as your mind filters out all the negative aura around you. Stay away from things which stop you from being positive. Learn a few new things. Interact with your family, with your friends. Explore new fields, strive for newer opportunities. It may be harder than it sounds so consult your parents if you can't take it yourself. Do everything that keeps you from falling back. But after all the hustle-bustle and up-downs, when everything is clogged up...JUST BREATHE!

- Jnanam Shah

#breathe #unityinharmony #positivity

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