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The Beauty of Kindness

'Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle'- Charles Glassman.

Kindness is like an eddy of varied hues circling a dark and bleak sky. It adds beauty to a dull life and fills it up with hope and compassion. We all trudge down a different path of life every day- and when the path is treacherous and rocky, we tend to get frustrated and annoyed. We struggle to keep up and life feels shaken by our shoulders. That's when we all need someone to be there for us- to morally support us, and be gentle and loving. Somehow that makes the journey a lot better and we feel the impuissant feeling shrug off from ourselves.

Kindness is like the golden ray of sunshine and we all are flowers that need to be nurtured. One hint of a sunray makes us feel loved and warm, and when we are going through a dark phase, a hint of light is all that we want.

When someone is going through a rough patch, doing something for them is the most wonderful gift you can offer. When a person is helpless, they feel like they're wrapped in a tight cloth of misery and their brain is perched precariously on a weak foundation of self-constraint.

But just doing something to enlighten their day, like talking to them about their issues or simply just putting a smile onto their face, can make them feel a lot lighter.

It is the only investment that never fails. To smile at a stranger, to help someone by offering something that you have, or to simply be polite to everyone that you meet. There can be a hint of kindness in everything that we do.

It's the charm of one's heart.

Kindness is like a broad spectrum of happiness and it can be offered to anyone. You can keep water by your window for the parched birds or you can feed and take care of the strays in your vicinity. You can donate the clothes that you don't need to the ones that are in dire need of them or you can educate someone who doesn't have the proper funds to study. You can do anything for anyone and bring a small change into their life.

The world is like a canvas and we can be the painters of joy with our palettes bearing the colors of love, altruism, and empathy.

We all are fighting a battle with ourselves every day, but when we feel the abiding confluence cacoon us with love, we feel an insurrectionary strength spark within us. Kindness has different forms, and even just being there for someone when they have no one, can prove to be an incredible gesture.

All in all, we just have to be the best version of ourselves for ourselves and everyone else. Be nicer. Be philanthropic. Be present for someone. Be a helper. And most importantly, be kinder.

As we all navigate our paths through our lives, let's collectively be supportive and generous to each other. Let the beauty of kindness stem from the innermost chambers of your heart, and let it carve a niche into a world full of happier and blessed faces!

- Siddhi Tamanekar

#UnityInHarmony #Kindness #Generosity

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